Moped madness…

Electric mopeds sure are fun!

Electric mopeds sure are fun! This one is exactly like ours.

We bought a moped! An irresistible deal lead us to purchase one of these small electric scooters that we probably did not need…but sure do love! Since purchasing it, we have spent hours cruising around on it with the dog running alongside-and people making offers to buy it from us! It sure is handy when you need to scoot down to the local market for some onions or sugar but I will say that it does not do very well going up hills which is a bit of a hassle since we live on top of one.

Yesterday, I had quite a stressful day at work and coming home and taking a ride on this was pretty relaxing. It has two storage areas so I am sure my husband and I can pack a picnic when the weather is warmer and head into one of the nice local parks (they have quite a trail system) to find a secluded spot to enjoy some sandwiches and the view.


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