Blustery March day….

A March day years ago in Ireland...

A March day years ago in Ireland…

Today is a blustery March day. After so many lovely sunshiny days, it is a bit of a shock. After my morning tea and after my husband went off with his friend to work on someone’s car issues, I took the dog for a short walk. She loves all the extra walks she is getting now that we live here.

The usually busy park was deserted as each gust of wind brought a snap of cold. No doubt, the parents are keeping the kids at home and the seniors who usually occupy the tables at this park most of the day are waiting for better weather before they come out again to socialize. But, I enjoyed the solitude and looking at the contrast of perfectly lush green grass and dark grey clouds blowing across the sky which is threatening rain. It reminded me of another March day in Ireland several years ago. Now, I am back in my warm home and will put together a nice hot lunch. I plan to have a lazy indulgent weekend inspired by this weather.


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  1. I love Ireland. They say there are convert Muslim women who hunt husbands from Khaleeji countries, but if there were more Irish Muslim men, I’d have hunted one of those for a passport and slice of green;)

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