Moving and taxes….


Well, this past week has been very busy at work. As I mentioned in the past, we recently moved offices and there has been quite a bit of chaos in settling down. I had to deal with all kinds of complaints regarding the staff kitchen, the new coffee machine, desks, computers, chairs, windows, temperatures, and all sorts of other HR hassles-on top of my own regular work. Most things I have no control over so it felt like a lot of counseling and coaching others to deal with these kinds of changes. Exhausting!

At home, I have also been trying to slowly move all that needs to be moved to our new place. It tired me out all week and then last night my husband and I did a final move and house clean up. It took forever and we realized we have accumulated a lot! However, we did manage to get it done. Now, over this next week I will be setting up our new home, unpacking, and sorting things out. I hope by the end of next weekend it will all be done so we can finally move forward and on to new things. I can definitely say I am sick of moving. It really is quite stressful as well. I found myself snapping at my husband yesterday.

However, the good news is that I also managed to squeeze in an appointment for my husband and I to do our taxes. Both of us are due for a return. The only issue is that my return is getting sucked up into past owed taxes due to a reassessment. Oh well. As long as I do not have to pay more. The accountant assured me that next year I would get to keep it finally. We will see.

Well, that is about it. A bit of a boring week other than my mother’s birthday. My sister took her out for a spa day and we all cut a cake in the evening. Today is also International Women’s Day. My husband was called in to work and although we usually do something together on this day, am sure we both just want to do absolutely nothing after this tiring week! Am sure next week will be better.


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