Monday blues are on their way…


It is 4pm on a Monday and I have been off of work since Friday. The blues are probably on their way as my free time is coming to an end soon and I will be back to work tomorrow. It has been a lovely weekend. I was supposed to only be off for 3 days but added today as well since the weather has been so wonderful. I am very glad I do not live on the east coast where there is nothing but cold and snow.

These past few days have been very productive. We have started moving and preparing our new living area which is always exciting. At present, we only have the basics left here at our current home and I expect we will move everything, clean up, and be out a week early-this upcoming weekend. I do not like living in two different places so that will be nice.

I "borrowed" this pic off the internet. This one is smaller than ours and we do not have a fence but you get the idea!

I “borrowed” this pic off the internet. This one is smaller than ours and we do not have a fence but you get the idea!

My husband also helped me put together a nice large garden bed this weekend. It was a fun project. We picked out lumber (he had to handsaw one piece) and nailed it together and placed it in the exact place we would like it to be in our new yard.  I was going to paint it but decided against it.

We then prepared the ground via the newspaper method which involves lining the bottom with at least 6 layers of wet newspaper and then heaped with some dirt. The newspapers kill off any grass below so that within about six weeks, plants will be able to burrow downwards.

My uncle let us fill up a few huge pails of some mushroom manure he had on his farm and we filled up the bed three quarters. We are going to leave it as is for a week or so and then purchase soil to mix in with this compost. In April, we can start planting. My parents are already excited as we share the yard and have already said they would like to plant tomatoes and cilantro. Before we do all this, we just need to figure out how to keep our digging dog out! My husband has a few ideas already but we will not have to worry until later. The yard is quite huge and a bit neglected so it will be interesting to research other improvement ideas to keep me busy over the summer to make this a better space. I think this will be a main project and highlight for me this year.

This weekend, I also spent a lot of time just hanging out reading books and magazines and relaxing. My husband was off for three days as well so we got some good quality time in together. I definitely appreciate him and feel so lucky to have him in my life. All because of a random decision to pursue a job abroad! We talked about our future plans and are definitely on the same page which is great. I think we will have lots to look forward to in the next few years. Well, my long long weekend is winding down now but the good news is that I still have quite a few days off to use before March 31st so am sure there will be a lot of productivity this month-just like I like it!


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