March 2015: Things to look forward to…


marchimageMarch is here! Spring is right around the corner and regular nice sunny days should follow soon. Here are some things I am looking forward to this marvelous month:

  • My mom’s birthday means we all (siblings) get to spend some quality time at home with my mom. Always a good thing.
  • International Women’s Day means my husband will be spoiling me on the 8th (it is a big day in the former Soviet Union).
  • Spring! Even if there is rain I love that the sun is coming out more and things are turning green. Blooming flowers are also so nice to see.
  • Days off. I have a few random days off of work planned for this month. I plan to take it easy and enjoy during this time. I see myself reading novels, flipping through magazines, gardening, hanging with the dog, and drinking tea outside. Probably will take on some spring cleaning as well.
  • Getting a good start on my back yard transformation project. My major seasonal challenge to myself.
  • We are are moving to a new location at work which means I will be getting new office. I am going to invest some time into making it a nice space.
  • I hope I will continue to shed some pounds this month through a lot more outdoor activity and my LOSE IT app. One pound lost per week works for me!
  • More money; less debt. My car is paid off, we have moved to a cheaper flat and I will have more money available which will be used to pay off still existing debt-and probably my tax bill that is right around the corner.
  • Puppy love. I will have more time with our family dog now that we will be living in our new location. Nothing like a canine pal to keep one sane and well balanced! I have missed living with this pup ever since I moved out.
  • I have been working with a committee to put together a huge event at work. On March 21st it will be over and done with. A big burden off my back!

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