Looking forward to the weekend…


The last while I have had little or no desire to show up to work. Part of the reason is the great spring like weather we have been having that makes me want to stay home and play outside. The other reason is that we have been changing offices so the moving has made some people a bit crazier than usual leading to quite a bit of immature behaviour by very grown up adults. I guess one of the most stressful things in life is moving…but even at work? I am sure this will all settle down soon. My new office is quite nice but a bit characterless. I will have to spice it up soon.


A 2 week old baby Alpine goat. So cute and furry in the spring when they are still young.

Anyway, most of the reason I am not interested in work is that I am distracted by things going on at home. Since we will be moving soon I want to enjoy our little farm as much as possible. The addition of even more baby goats has been a lot of fun as they roam about the property bleating weakly and it is the cutest sound. They also follow you around all day if you are outside which is adorable. But, I have also been taking a good long hard look at the new property and thinking of improvements that I can make which will benefit my parents. For example, the garden I plan to build is something they can use forever. I am hoping it will give them something to do as they seem to be too idle lately. I was supposed to get started on it last weekend but there was some hassle with getting the lumber so I hope to do it this weekend.

This weekend, I should have Friday off as one of my random days off (I need to use up vacation that I accrued in 2014 and have quite a few days to get rid of by the end of March). The only potential issue is that I may have to go to work after all to deal with a furniture delivery. I am hoping one of the other managers can take this on if it comes up. If all goes well I will have a nice three day weekend with good weather expected. I plan to do all the nice things I have wanted to do for awhile. This includes building the garden, reading magazines and novels in the sunshine, hanging out with my husband who has Friday off as well, and moving a few more things over to the new place so it is not such a burden on moving day. May not sound exciting but I can tell you that I am counting down the days until the weekend! Just 2 more to go.


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