LOSE(ing) IT!!…


A while back I downloaded a free calorie tracking app called LOSE IT! It tracks your caloric intake and gives you a budget per day with the goal of losing 1/2-2 lbs per week or whatever you choose. It seems great as it is easy to use and has a barcode scanner which saves a lot of time. Well, I had been using it for a while but did not notice much change (at least not at the rate the given plan indicates) so I did some online searching of how many calories I would need to consume per day in order to lose one pound per week. It was different from what the app suggested.

I looked at the app set up and realized that perhaps this app is being a bit too generous with how much calories people lose in their daily life via regular activities. I adjusted the settings on the app to be more realistic to my lifestyle with the goal of losing 1 lbs per week. Since making this adjustment, I have lost 2 lbs-about one per week as the app “promises”! I am delighted as it has been very very easy and I do not feel like I am under eating at all. In fact, it has forced me to think about portions and my daily food choices. The app also calculate the grams and percentage of carbs, fats, and protein you consume each day which also makes you reflect on what you eat. I know for sure I need to increase my protein and my trip to the grocery store yesterday was much more strategic.

My goal on my List of 32 was to lose 15lbs from June to June. During my past health and wellness challenge I did lose some of it but then gained a part back during Christmas etc. As of today I have 9 lbs to go to hit that goal and with this app, I am sure I will be able to do so. How great will that feel?


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