Spring around the corner is bringing all kinds of changes…


The east coast of North America is cold, covered in snow, and all winter. Here on the west coast, however, spring is just around the corner-and all kind of changes with it! Flowers are blooming, no snow in sight (ski hills even shut down early!), and today was a beautiful warm day. I am loving it.

Is he not so cute?

Is he not so cute?

This weekend has been great. I met up with two of my friends for coffee and we had a nice time catching up. I even caught up with all my sisters on the phone. Our farm landlady introduced us to a few new baby animals she has acquired (we have rented a cottage on a small hobby farm for the last two years) and they were just way too cute. The goat is my favourite-such a troublemaker!

My indoor hyacinths are blooming and releasing a gorgeous fragrance which makes the house a delight to walk into-and really makes it feel like spring. The best part is that I can transplant them and they will grow every single year. The cactus also seems to settling in. Ever since my herb garden, I feel a need to prove I have a bit of a green thumb.

For Valentine’s Day we were going to go out but decided to bring in some Indian take out instead. It was delicious and definitely a caloric splurge! My wonderful husband bought me the indoor lemon tree I have been tracking down as a gift. I was over the moon! Will dedicate posts to it all summer, I am sure, but for now it will live inside with some visits outside for light until the weather gets even better.

This rascal has quite a personality.

This rascal has quite a personality.

Finally, after a lot of discussions with my parents and siblings, my husband and I have decided to move into a small apartment my parents have within their home. Their home is not too far from us whereas the rest of my sibling live a greater distance away. There are several reasons we came to this decision but, in short, it is a win-win for the whole family. My parents are definitely over the moon-and want us to come immediately but we have about a month to make the transition. They have a lovely home-and the separate apartment within it is also quite nice-with a huge backyard where the family dog lives. I have already determined that my spring project will be to reform this basically unused, under-developed area into a more functional and lovely garden. It is a bit of a mess right now with only grass and a few muddy patches so I will have a lot of work to do. I look forward to the challenge.

My new lemon tree

My new lemon tree!

My husband is also looking forward to a lot more of my mom’s cooking…and less of mine! Just kidding. Seriously, however, I do feel it will be a good move for everyone involved. My parents are getting on in age and need more support. Not physically, but emotionally they are quite lonely and a bit depressed now that all their children have moved on. I am sure our energy will help-as will having a future grandchild around. I also look forward to taking care of our pup (she will be so happy to have us full time) and in a year or two when we have our own child I am sure it will be a comfort to live with my parents just a staircase away. In both my and my husband’s culture it is normal to live in a multi-generational home so we are quite comfortable with this idea. We will also be able to purchase our own home soon which we can rent out until we are ready to live there (or just invest in). By then, I am guessing my parents will be coming along as well. 🙂 I have known for some time that when my parents are truly old and need regular support that I would be the child out of all of my sibling that would be stepping up. I guess things are moving along as they would have anyways. Am going with it and all the other spring changes!


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