January 2015 Cheap Report…

Am a cheap chick from now on!

Am a cheap chick from now on!

Now that January is all done, I have been meaning to finish and post my “cheap report.” I continued to do quite a bit of the same as I listed in my Update for Being Cheap This Month post including continuing to use that app that gives you deals at local businesses, packing as many lunches as possible for work for myself and my husband even though several times I was feeling very lazy, and making treats that cost a lot at home and also sharing them with others which was a nice bonus. It was a bit of a boring month so we spent quite a bit of it at home watching movies or reading which always saves us money. I redeemed another 20$ at the grocery store due to points. I have been using the SNAP app and have a few dollars in that account. You cannot withdraw until it is at $20 so we will see about that one but so far so good as an item occasionally comes up that I would buy anyways. We are also saving money by using our work benefits to do basic things like getting our eye exam taken care of since it is covered. New things that I have done include:

  • When I noticed a few things on sale at the store, I snatched up a few extra since I know I will be using them soon. This helps save in the long term.
  • The grocery store often also gives you a cheaper deal if you buy 2-3 packages of certain product so I have been doing this as well for items like pasta that I know we will use in the future and that will not spoil.
  • Instead of throwing all cans and bottles into our regular recycling at home that is picked up, I have taken them to the recycling depot, or if there are only a few to the grocery store, where your recycling deposit when you purchase these products is returned to you. I then throw the loose change into my coin jar.
  • Gasoline has become even cheaper in the last few weeks so a fill up is lasting much longer. Can’t really take credit for this but I have  been saving quite a bit due to it.
  • On our ski trip I brought along snacks and drinks (since I knew there was a fridge and microwave in our room) so we would not rely exclusively on the overpriced market meant to capitalize on a captive population. Also, this cut down on our restaurant costs a bit as well since visitors basically need to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the resort since there are no other options.
  • My husband received some birthday offers from restaurants in his email-such as free birthday burger-that can be used the month of week of your birthday. Signing up to these kinds of loyalty programs can have benefits.

Well, that is about all I can think of at this time. However, I know that in January, we managed to stretch our dollar quite far. I will  be sure to carry on as much of these practices as possible the next few months. Never hurts to have a few more dollars around.


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