Glum doesn’t even begin to cover it…


I am not going to lie. It has been a tough week. The world can be an evil place-and all the evil really got to me this week. My work is connected to a lot that is going on overseas-or went on in the past and left a mess. Just this week I discussed human trafficking-learning which ethnicity is currently the most at risk of being trafficked in this country-and the horrible reasons as to why. I listened to stories from Syrian refugees. There were tales of being ripped off by smugglers and profiteers posing as supporters. I saw a severely abused dog near death that escaped his home somehow-eating grass to survive and 24 hours away from death if not found. I discussed how staff can work with Latin American workers dealing with human rights issues at their workplaces-and how to deal with employers angry at them for reaching out to us. I shared with funders horrible trends related to families that abuse their senior relatives by stealing their money, forcing them to work, starving them or beating them etc etc. I learned from a special police force about the radicalization of local youth by terrorist groups overseas and reviewed case studies with a focus on signs and symptoms. I listened and argued with funders who care more about numbers than effective service and the true needs of clients. I dreamt of war zones. I read a novel that was about the sex trade and child exploitation globally. I watched the movie American Sniper.

I wrote the above post last night, Friday, after coming home from work and stopped myself. I put everything aside and made myself watch a few episodes of a pleasant tv show. When my husband came home from work we had a nice dinner and watched a scary movie about aliens and went to sleep. I let myself sleep in until late this morning. I decided to come back to this post now. I usually do not talk about the type of work that I do on this blog but just about office and staff management things.  I love my work. I love that it is meant to make a difference. Themes can be heavy but I never want to be ignorant and ignore the harsh truths. Usually I can cope quite well but this week at work and in regular life several times it was all a bit too sad. I have three days off now in which I plan to relax, recuperate, enjoy, and then carry on. The world will always have problems but all we can do is try to be part of the solution.


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