The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind. On Thursday morning we packed up and headed out to a nearby ski resort. Compared to our previous trip there at the start of January, it felt like there was no snow (that particular week it suddenly warmed up after weeks of perfect conditions!) as we drove towards it. Luckily, it was a bit of an illusion and by the time we arrived, it was clear there was plenty of snow for skiing although conditions felt very spring-like due to a burst of warm weather that week. The warming up in the day and freezing at night did cause quite a bit of ice on the snow at times but we made the best of it. Anyways, we checked in and were very impressed with the facilities overall. We had lunch and then relaxed for a bit before hitting the slopes.

It was my husband’s first time skiing and he was not impressed. I made him promise he would try the next day as it would be better. He agreed despite taking many falls and feeling awkward on the skis. That night we enjoyed a log fire as well as a gorgeous heated indoor pool all to ourselves. We followed this up with some time in the hot tub, steam room, and sauna. By the time we showered and were back in our room in bed watching movies, I have to say that my body was feeling pretty good. It reassured me of my capabilities and makes me want to be more active.

The next day after breakfast and some time to digest, we hit the slopes again. Conditions were much better as we started earlier in the day this time with full sun and we tried some more challenging runs. My husband did better (less falling down) but still was not loving it. He was partly afraid he would hurt himself and be unable to work the following week which made him a bit hesitant the whole time. Later on, we did some sledding down some hills for fun but, as it was later in the day, it was getting quite a bit icy. My husband ended up hurting himself a bit when he chased after our runaway sled so we called it quits. After all the more dangerous things we did, he had to hurt himself while walking! Oh well. We had a nice meal at the resort restaurant near dinnertime. The food was pretty good which is important on a holiday. Later, we cuddled up in our room and watched some movies we brought along. Both were pretty bad, actually, but it was still nice to relax after such a busy day running around.

Next morning, we checked out and hurried back to my parent’s home where we had a light lunch. Nothing like mom’s food. That evening my friend was hosting a special formal party at a place she had rented out. We dressed up and attended after spending most of the day relaxing and hoping for some recovery for our sore muscles. They were not too bad so that was a good sign, I thought. At the party, it was great to catch up with my friend for a while but since she was the hostess we did not have much quality time and made a plan for the next week. By the time we went to bed, we were exhausted but feeling good.

Next day, my husband went to work while I shopped for his birthday gift and cake. In the evening, we went to my parent’s home where we went out for dinner as a family and then enjoyed cake and presents at home. He said it was a nice and perfect little party.

It has felt like a bit of a social whirlwind these last few days but also a very enjoyable one. My mind was off my work and I felt reconnected to myself, my friends, and family. I realize I need to make time for the fun things in life and the people who matter.


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