February 2015: Things to look forward to….


february2015signThe shortest month of the year. The month of love and Valentines Day and the month that will get us closer to spring. Well, last year it was a pretty good month if I recall it correctly. I am afraid my list may echo the list from last year quite closely but here are a few things to look forward to this month:

  • Husband’s birthday! Even though our ski trip was planned to celebrate this event in January, we will still enjoy a nice dinner and cake with the family on his actual birthday.
  • Valentines Day. It will take place on a Saturday and I will have to make some kind of plan soon to mark this occasion.
  • Long weekend! We have a public holiday that the government created recently (due to the lack of holidays from Jan-March) so it will be nice to have an extra day off to relax or, in my husband’s case, get paid extra to work.
  • My work is requiring me to use up all vacation hours from 2014 by the end of March so I will be taking at least one random day off this month. Will have to make sure to do something fun on that day.
  • My last full car payment-and then the car is 100% mine. 5 years of payments complete and I will have more than 300$ extra each month to put towards other things. Next time, I will buy a car that is one or two years old as you save so much money that way but this one should last me a long long time still which is great.
  • Special event at work. I want to bring more fun and energy into our workplace so this month I will be planning something fun. Perhaps a bake sale with proceeds supporting one of our seniors groups? We will see.
  • Get more active this month.I felt great during the ski trip with all the activity. Am ready for more.
  • Winter reading. This season is all about staying indoors and being cozy. A perfect time to snuggle up with a book.
  • Continue to use the LOSE IT app for the first two weeks in February and see how I can increase protein intake-and see if app usage actually results in the weight loss goal or not.
  • Catching up with the ladies. I have been unable to connect with two of my dear friends since before Christmas. Am hoping to arrange a lunch (or perhaps even coffee since they both have young children) out for us so we can connect again. In January my husband and I kept mostly to ourselves so it will be nice to socialize more this month.
  • Massage. Am booking a nice massage for my husband and I this month. Am sure it will be a highlight.
  • I have yet to post the rest of my cheap update for January but many of the things I can carry on for February.

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