Calorie tracking…


I have been playing around quite a bit with my fabulous new smart phone and have found a great free app that helps you track your calories each day. I am not a fan of calorie tracking but there are a lot of benefits in tracking what you eat. The app is called LOSE IT! There are many others but I thought this one looked cute. I started using it just yesterday and what you need to do is enter your current weight plus a goal and how much you want to lose per week (0 lbs for maintenance or up to 2 depending on if you want to diet at all or not but you an also just use it to track your calories and nutrients). It then, based on the other info you add in, lets you know how many calories per day you should consume (to lose the weight per week or maintain current weight). This is all fine and well but the best part is that you then add in the food you eat throughout the day and it tracks all the details for you. Most of the items are there in their searchable database but it also has a bar code scanner! I love this.

Here is the app!

Here is the app!

At the end of the day yesterday, I was a few hundred calories “under budget” but did feel more conscious of what I was eating all day. At no point did I feel I was depriving myself. My favourite part was that at the end of the day, I was able to assess the nutritional value and I discovered what percentage of carbs, protein, and fat I had consumed over the day. This is great as I want to find ways to incorporate more protein into my diet and this will help guide me. Based on yesterday, the good news is that the fat content was pretty low.

I am excited about this app as it is new to me but the true test will be to see if I am still using it by the end of next week! If so, that means I am still enjoying it. My goal is not weight loss with this app but I am sure it would not hurt to lose a few pounds. I have it set at a meager loss of 1/4 lb per week (which is nothing if one is to do a real diet) and we will see if it works out correctly. One of my sisters is concerned about her weight and I shared the app with her…and she said it sounded like too much work. Am hoping she will give it a try if I can manage to use it for a week or so with some success. We will see. An update to follow sometime next week!


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