All work and no play…


The last while-almost the whole month-has felt like all work and no play. There are several reasons for this. The first is that January is a very busy time at work with a lot going on and a lot of opportunity to work extra hours to get things off the ground. Second, my “cheap” month life style means we are choosing to do less outside of the house in general. Third, my husband has been working a lot of extra days and hours which means neither of us are in the mood to do much other than watch movies at home once he is home. Finally, because we know our ski vacation is coming up this week we have been working hard so we can play hard soon.

A little winter humour...

A little winter humour…

It really has been a bit of a boring month, though, but I did manage to get us to the eye doctor. My husband’s perfect vision has been confirmed (he swore it was perfect but I argued you never know until you get it tested). As for me, nothing has changed in about 10 years except one of my eyes has improved just a bit! I took my prescription over to the eye glasses store but the frames I have my eye on are out of stock-and only available across the country. They will be ordering them in for me to try on. If I still like them, since I have not seen them in months, I will go ahead with these glasses. The quote was quite pricey though at about $425. Yikes. At least $250 will be reimbursed through my work.

Anyway, I am very pleased we booked our ski trip as we had it to look forward to all this time that not much else has been going on. I have not been counting down but definitely noticing it will be around the corner soon-and now it really is as we leave on Thursday morning. It will be great to get away from it all. I am looking forward to the feeling of freedom skiing gives me plus some après-ski hot tub time. I hope we get some nice fresh snow as well while we are there to add to the magic.

After we get back from this trip, I will have to make sure I find a way to bring more balance into my life.


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