Health care benefits…


My work provides me with quite a generous health care packet as an additional employment benefit. I realized I am quite lucky to have such an extensive package and needed to look into it to see what my husband and I need and what I ought to take advantage of. I asked our HR department for the updated info and brought it home last week.

Relaxing massages are going to help me in stressful times...and hopefully my husband's backpain.

Relaxing massages are going to help me in stressful times…and hopefully my husband’s back pain.

Thus far, I have only taken advantage of the dental portion of it. This we took FULL advantage of- due to the fact that my husband is an immigrant and had never seen a western dentist in the past. My husband had a lot of issues which all were dealt with and would have cost us a fortune if we did not have this coverage. It would have literally been tens of thousands of dollars!! I, myself, have also forced myself go to the dentist just to make sure all is well and get the cleanings. Definitely also a good thing and one I should take advantage of since it is no cost to me as long as I have this job. Our next appointment is coming up in February and then, after that, am sure we will only have to go for occasional check ups as the husbands last issues will be dealt with.

My husband has also been recently complaining about some back pain. I decided to finally open up my package and do some reading to see what is covered. It turns out massage therapy is an option. I did some online searching and have found the right place to send him. I am sure he will love it…and it will save me from having to do these massages! I may also book myself in for one or two.

These bold and colourful frames are the ones I have my eye on. I only wear my glasses at night when driving or needing to see things far away but I loved the pop of colour when I tried them on.

Finally, I have also been meaning to get my vision tested and get a new set of eye glasses. I wanted my husband to be checked out since he has never visited a western ophthalmologist and vision testing is also about eye health and wellness-not just how well you can see. I already picked out the eyeglasses I want several months ago when my sister and I went shopping. It turns out that my test and glasses (up to a certain dollar value) are covered as well. I have booked my appointment before I get lazy or forget about it for a few months. After all, the last time I checked my eyes was before 2006! My life has changed a lot since then and probably my vision too!

It is great that I can take care of all these additional things for free. I have to be thankful for and appreciate these work benefits that many people do not get (or get less of) them. Am sure taking advantage of them will help with my general health and wellness improvement plan which is always a good thing.


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