7am on a Tuesday…


It is 7:24 am on Tuesday, January 13th. I have no desire to go to work today but I have to. Not only do I have to go, but I also have to do a presentation at 6 pm for the board of directors. This means I will have to dress professionally and look normal-lately I have been getting a bit casual and getting away with it! I will have to be bright and cheerful after a very long workday and hope I do not say something silly during the presentation. Then when it comes times for questions…there will probably be none. This tends to irritate me as it indicates that the crowd either has no interest or already knows everything and both are a waste of my time. I am not eager to start this day.

I blame it on the January blues. After all that time off, it seems shocking to have to work 5 days a week. The sudden normal pace after all those days enjoying treats, snacks, and gossip with co-workers in the tea room seems too demanding. The holiday decorations are put away and all the talk is stark- about budgets and targets. The goodwill seems to have dissipated and it is all business again. The same issues come up in September after all return from their summer vacations but it all seems stimulating then. Something about January and the winter weather is just different. I think I should have been born in Australia!

To brace for the day, I will spend the next hour having breakfast in bed, keeping warm in the blankets, and catch up on some reading. I am sure when I am at work and into hour one of my workday, this feeling will have passed. But, at least a few times in the winter months, it sneaks up on me….usually in November and January.


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