Tips for feeling good every day…


tipspostitAt work, we are all given access to a website which is meant to support employees with a variety of issues they may be dealing with. I had a browse through some of the information available and was especially interested in a publication called 100 Ways to Feel Good Every Day. This literally listed and explained the benefits of certain activities. Some were silly or very obvious but I decided to share a few here-and give the short version of why it may be beneficial.

  1. Eat breakfast-many benefits!
  2. Cut back on caffeine- too much can cause problems.
  3. takestarisnoteIf you commute to work use that time for something good-they recommend not listening to talk radio that is stressful for you or carpool with a friend so you can socialize… I recommend learning something (for me it is Spanish) or listening to an audio book.
  4. Exercise-this one is obvious but important. They also put in that one should smile and laugh (the fake it til you feel it argument I guess)
  5. Exercise your brain-they suggest through puzzles, games, or learning a new language.
  6. Do something nice-they suggest picking up trash, holding a door open for someone etc as it boosts confidence and good feelings.
  7. Spend time outside, spend time with animals-all kinds of benefits.
  8. Look at something beautiful-put some flowers at your desk at work etc.
  9. Take time off and ask for help when stressed.
  10. Drink water! Lots of it.
  11. Try to have things planned to look forward to.
  12. Touch someone you love. Make time for intimacy with your partner.
  13. Vary your routine or take a new challenge on at work-basically they talk about keeping things fresh and interesting. Another tip they had was to connect with younger people.
  14. Get a hobby or at least carve you some you time for yourself-Put it on a calendar and enjoy.
  15. Let the light in-keep curtains open during the day to let in sunlight. In winter, keep on bright lights… generally they are talking about coping with seasonal affective disorder.
  16. thinkaboutdrinksTry yoga, deep breathing, or meditating-proven to have results.
  17. Learn something new. Or teach someone something.
  18. De-clutter.
  19. Write stuff down-journaling, blogging etc is proven to be healthy. They also suggest to write a mantra.
  20. Put up pictures of happy times/memories.
  21. Drop a bad habit and pick up a good one-They suggest quitting smoking, for example, and maintaining a fruit bowl from which you must eat 2 pieces per day.
  22. Dream.
  23. Hang out with positive people and ditch/ignore the negative ones. They really are a bad influence.
  24. Play. Be Romantic. Be Present. – A few different items you can choose from.
  25. Watch the sunset/sunrise.
  26. snackslisthealthandwellnessSpend one day alone or get in touch with someone you do not see often.
  27. Play tourist in your own city. I think this is part of the have fun and don’t take things for granted issue.
  28. Write a poem or a thank you note by hand.
  29. Create a rainy day fund. -Then enjoy spending it on something random!
  30. Do something adventurous, new, with your hands, or something you always wanted to do.

There you have it. The other 70 were either lumped into one of the above lines or just way too obvious to note. I am sure this list is probably something necessary for people in January when people start to feel down after the holiday rush. I will also try out a few of these-and there are quite a few I already do!


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