Georgian films…


I like to watch foreign films. It always feels like an inside look into the society. Because my husband is Georgian, I occasionally try to find films to watch from his country. The film industry in Georgia is quite small and Georgians often watch Russian language films (or dubbed Indian, American, Mexican etc ones which are probably cheaper than making new ones).

Despite this, I have found a few online that I have managed to watch. Generally, Georgian films tend to be quite grim and deal with depressing or serious topics. The ones I have watched tend to take place during rougher times as well. Anyway, for anyone who is trying to find such films, I can share with you what I have found thus far and a few of my thoughts as well:

Gaigimet or Keep Smiling in English. I really enjoyed this film. It is about a group of women in the capital city, Tbilisi, who join a televised contest for a variety of reasons. It explores some serious issues in the society (and unrealistic stereotypes) while being amusing.

The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear-This film is a documentary and, like I said, a bit grim. Georgia has been changing a lot (in some areas more than others) but a lot of this can still be felt.

Grdzeli nateli dgeebi  or In Bloom in English. This story is about two young women who were growing up during a tough time in the 90s. I enjoyed the film despite the fact that no one can ever be happy in any Georgian films.

The Loneliest Planet. -This is not a Georgian film but takes place in Georgia. It is about a couple who go hiking in the country and then have something happen that changes everything. A very slow and subtle film but nice to watch if you are interested in the country.

Five Days of War or Five Days in August. This film is about the Russo-Georgian war of 2008. It is an American style movie but Finnish made. It is very pro-Georgian and there are many rumours the then government pushed its creation along and may have funded it. This is, or course, denied by the then president. The end shows a variety of people who give testimonials about those they lost in the war.

There you have it. A sample of films (there are heaps more if you are interested) to watch from a place most people have not heard of or thought of. As I said, they tend to be a bit dark but this is not necessarily representative of the entire country. It is a peek into a society though-one that has had a rough and tough past.


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