January 2015: Things to look forward to…


januaryHappy New Year; Welcome 2015! Today will be a lazy Thursday for me as my husband and I have a few days off now to recover from the bustling restaurant we went to for New Year’s Eve and our bottle of champagne that I was in no mood to drink by the time midnight rolled around. Next year, I plan to host a party or go to one…we will see if perhaps I can even escape on a little vacation somewhere. That would be perfect.

Well, it has been a year since I started these “things to look forward to” posts at the start of each month. I find I really enjoy writing them as it forces me to slow down and appreciate all that is to come. Unfortunately, January is a difficult month for me and I cannot easily think of too many things to look forward to! Last year, I had the vacation to think about. But, I think I will use the month to be as productive as possible.

  • Cheap month! I want to start the year off being financially disciplined. Just like in July 2014, I am going to be “cheap” so to speak and try not to spend so much or at least try to make my dollar stretch far. It is kind of a fun challenge as well.
  • In keeping with the financial discipline theme, the coin jar is back and will be used for something responsible once there are enough funds. In the end, it will feel good to make a dent into some debt or another.
  • Health and Wellness focus for the month. I do not want to do a full on challenge as I will still be in vacation mode until at least January 6th and that means those will be wasted days. However, I will start preparing to get serious about my health related goals.
  • Full steam ahead at work. I know my work is going to get busy again next week. I am sure I will have many opportunities to bank time which I should take advantage of. I will then use this banked time to take a day off (maybe an occasional Friday here and there) when I need it as I am sure I will suffer from the January blues and blahs a bit.
  • I found an app (now that I have this fancy phone) that will help me with learning Spanish-or at least help me retain vocabulary. I have neglected learning for a few months now and plan to get back on it.
  • It is a bit of a miserable month…no holidays or birthdays to look forward to….so perhaps I will organize at least one special social event or outing.

That is it. All I can come up with. Sounds a bit miserable already so I will have to make sure to fit in some fun times, do things I enjoy such as reading magazines with a cup of hot tea in the afternoon, learn to cook new things, and try to go for walks or runs as my 5km run is coming up in May!


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