Ready for Christmas…


One of the things on my list of 32 this year was to understand Christmas and New Years may not be the best holiday this year but to try to make the most of it and enjoy. This may sound strange but it is due to having very disappointing holiday seasons for the last few years. This was mostly due to the absence of family members who went to visit family elsewhere or took vacations or other things that came up. Well, this year everyone is in town and it is turning out to be quite a pleasant time-mostly because I have decided to take control. After all, if you want things to happen, no one will do them for you. You just gotta do them yourself! I have been off work since last Friday and will not return until next Monday so have a whopping 10 days off in a row to make things happen and enjoy.

I hope it will be a no grinch and no drama zone!

I hope it will be a no grinch and no drama zone this holiday season!

I also got absolutely everyone into the Christmas spirit in the family…some had no intention to be anything other than a grinch. All are attending and/or contributing to our Christmas lunch which has now been moved to dinner since we are putting so much work into it and there was nothing else planned for the evening. The only thing I have left to do is pick up fresh groceries tomorrow…and some wine and champagne. One of my sisters is taking care of the meat based main dish on my behalf since I am a vegetarian. A few of us will cook together which will be a nice bonding experience as we sip my mulled wine! My gifts are all thoughtful and wrapped up under the tree and have inspired everyone else to shop as well. This was not my intention but there tends to be a ripple effect when one is in the festive mood.

The last few days I have been spending more time than usual at my mother’s home where my dad confessed he was stumped as to what to purchase for everyone this year, contemplated cash, and then asked me to do his shopping for him. So, last night, my husband and I bought all the gifts “from him” for him within the budget he gave us. It will be fun to wrap them all and add them to the huge heap already under the tree. I also would like for my husband to experience North American holidays and traditions. His country is primarily Orthodox Christian so they do not celebrate Christmas until January-and in a very different way.

Overall, I realize one of the roles I play in our family is to connect and bring us all together and this holiday is just one example of that. I will admit I enjoy it and do believe that celebrating and marking holidays and occasions together is very important and a special part of life we need to relish a bit more. Now, let’s just hope it won’t be one of those holidays where the dark side of certain family members creeps out and torments us all and the night ends in tears, slammed doors, and people rushing for their homes (ie the stressful drama from Thanksgiving a few years ago!). 🙂


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