One thing on my list this year was to upgrade from my very basic mobile phone to a smart phone. Well, I have finally done so! I went into the shop and, based on recommendations, now have a cute white Samsung Galaxy. Since I have used my husband’s smart phone, I knew which apps I wanted and basically already know how to use it. I am definitely behind the times but not for long! I will enjoy setting it up and playing around with it over the next few days. It is my Christmas gift to myself! I look forward to a lot more convenience in my life in 2015 due to this phone.

"Borrowed" this snapshot of a Chevrolet Avalanche off the internet. Am sure we will have a lot of adventure in this car!

“Borrowed” this snapshot of a Chevrolet Avalanche off the internet. Am sure we will have a lot of adventure in this car!

My husband also had a major upgrade in his life recently. Since he arrived as an immigrant here, he has always had quite modest (I use this word to be tactful-ha ha ha) vehicles. Well, one of them had a major issue and we both decided enough is enough and it is time to invest in something good and long term now that we are more financially stable. I am quite a practical (and economical, shall we say?) person so I am attracted to fuel efficient economy type compact cars. Well, men are different.. or at least he is!

I joked he is becoming Americanized when he expressed he wants a pick up truck, of all things. He has no need for one-which he knows-and after a bit of shopping, he settled on a Chevrolet Avalanche. This car was discontinued in 2013 but is quite neat compared to other pick ups as it seems to be more for a leisurely person and not for someone who needs this type of car for work. The back wall opens up so it is open air jeep style which I thought was cool. Ours is fully loaded, a few years old, and white in colour. The good news is that this gas guzzler drops down to 4 cylinders and consumes less gas at times.

I am sure we will enjoy it since we like outdoor activities and trips. The family dog can now also easily jump in the back and not create a mess during shedding season! I hope this car lasts for a long time and brings my husband a lot of joy.


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