Feeling good…


This past week just flew by but it sure was a good one! At work, we had a special potluck lunch and Secret Santa gift exchange. This was a ton of fun. I work with a very wonderful group and was showered by wonderful gifts and Christmas cards full of heartfelt messages. It was very touching. Definitely, I will not be throwing away or recycling this batch of cards! In fact, I taped each one onto the outside of my office door to create a nice display-which the team loved. It is wonderful to get such nice compliments and expressions of appreciation. I think it has made me realize I am doing a good job as a supervisor and have the respect and admiration of most of the staff. I made a nice toast at our lunch and sincerely thanked all the team members for being such stars this past year.

I am also feeling pretty good as I have gotten all my siblings (and unofficial sister-in-law) all riled up and ready for the holidays next week. I insisted they send me their wish lists which they did so reluctantly after I threatened them with socks (surprisingly a few did have socks on their lists) but since all our email and phone exchanges around this started, an excitement is definitely being generated. I even managed to find the things (some of them, anyways,) on their lists and get them wrapped up and under the tree. I like my gifts to be under there early so we can enjoy the pretty wrapped boxes for a while before opening them. Am looking forward to their delight upon receiving some of the items.

My husband and I will also be hosting a Christmas Day late lunch at my parent’s home which we are excited about. The whole family should be there and it should be a nice bonding time as we work together to prepare the meal. I have enjoyed planning the menu this past week and delegating out certain dishes to certain family members.

Finally, it is Friday today and I plan to wrap up all my errands this weekend. Next, week I only have to work on Monday and then can get into the holiday spirit. For tonight, however, I plan to make myself a chocolate martini, put my feet up, and catch up on some tv. Perfect end to a busy and social week.


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