Christmas is in the air…


countdowntoxmasSince coming back from holidays, it has all been about preparing for Christmas and nothing else! At work, I wanted to do something nice for my staff (as I mentioned in my Staff Appreciation post) so I wrote out a holiday card for everyone in which I made sure to include some very personal and lovely comments. With these cards, I included a treat of chocolate or some Christmas themed (candy cane, egg nog etc) fudge baked on a local farm with an impressive Christmas market. Several people came up to me and said they had never received so kind a card (I guess most people just scratch out Merry Christmas in a rush in stead of making it personal!).

We also had our company Christmas party which I helped organize. I did not stay long as I had to rush off to my father’s birthday party but it was nice to see everyone all dressed up and socializing. Myself and the other planners arranged some Christmas themed activities to keep it interesting along with a photo booth style wall at the main entrance with Santa. Unfortunately, the food was terrible at the event. I usually hate such things and have avoided this party for the last two years but next year, I will probably go and drag my husband along.

How I usually feel about office parties!

How I usually feel about office parties!

I mentioned my father’s birthday above-which has nothing to do with Christmas-but it was nice to take a moment to celebrate him. I know he appreciates it much more as he is getting older. The only problem with December birthdays is that he is already very difficult to shop for so coming up with a gift for his birthday and THEN a Christmas gift is always something I dread! He has everything and seems to want nothing!

Now, back to Christmas. At work, we also have a team celebration with just our department. We will be having a potluck and Secret Santa next week. Luckily, the person I got is easy to shop for. This year, to avoid strange gifts, I also insisted people provide hints as to what they want or what sorts of things they like to help the shoppers (ie I love dogs is even a help!). Many people wrote gift cards (annoying) but I think it is much better to get something. Since the limit is only $10, I wrote down some practical things that I will need later such as a salad spinner, some gourmet salt I have had my eye on, and a box of family favourite chocolates which I will share with my family during the break. I was hoping this would be an example to others but clearly it did not work.

presentsxmas111Yesterday, my mother and I also decided to go shopping. We took a spin around the mall and I found a few small stocking stuffer gifts for my sisters and one for my husband. My mother found some small gifts for her co-workers. Then, we went home and wrapped them all up which I always enjoy. I also got my secret Santa gift taken care of so no need to rush around at the last minute.

My husband and I were going to buy a fresh Christmas tree after coming back from our trip but have decided not to as Christmas is coming up so fast (only 11 days, I think!). We will take our stockings and gifts and open them at my parent’s home so will just enjoy their tree (that has been up since November thanks to the visit of my niece and nephew). We are also hosting a lunch there on December 25th for the family. I am planning on making the mulled wine I learned to make on our trip to the cabin. It was yummy!

Things I need to get done in the next 11 days are finishing my shopping (so many people are still on the list!), preparing the lunch menu for the Christmas lunch, and doing the shopping for it. Not too bad!


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