Hanging with the kidlets…


Am back at home and back to regular life again! However, recently, before the winter vacation, my sister and her family came to town in November and left just a while ago back to their home in far away Florida. I always look forward to their visits so I can spend time with my wonderful nephew and mischievous niece. This year was no different. I squeezed in as much time as possible between their visits to other family members and friends.

My niece is very open about the fact that I am her favourite aunt. My nephew is a bit older and much more diplomatic as he always says all of us are his favourite. In the past, they always came to my house as a pair to see the animals and spend some time with my husband and I. If it is summer we usually take them to some kind of outdoor activity or farm (in addition to ours). They also get to buy one toy each. This year we did all that but decided to also take just my nephew for some special one to one time as my niece went off to spend some time doing “girl things” with my brother’s girlfriend. She also, due to her more dominant personality and because she is younger, gets more attention in general. We know it sometimes upsets my nephew.

My nephew is very very sweet. He has a very gentle and careful personality and we wanted him to loosen up a bit as his parents seem to be a bit hard on him while they let his sister get away with anything. He talks about risk for goodness sake (!) and seems to worry a lot which I thought is something no kid should worry about at that age. So, we decided we should do something different that his sister would not get to do back home-and something that is a bit more masculine as he is always surrounded by women it seems and wants to do more boy things but none one is very interested in them (ie he likes zombies and creepy things and video games). So, we learned there was a Christmas toy drive and bonfire event out in a forest (very strange, I thought!). We loaded him and the family dog up in the car (he thought this was soo cool!) and drove out.

There was snow on the mountain in the forest where this event was happening and he enjoyed that as it was icy and he slid around a small hill. We reached the right spot where we found all kinds of vehicles decorated with Christmas lights and other things. It was pretty neat as it got darker (and a bit strange since this all seemed to be happening in the middle of no where!). All the people were making their own winter campfires so we did the same as it was quite chilly. He and the dog loved it! We spent some time hanging out there, looking at the lights, chatting with a few people, and then made our way back to our house where my husband played some of his favourite video or computer games with him.

When we dropped him back to his parents he could not stop raving about the evening for days! His sister was also secretly jealous even though she told him she had a better time than he did (but later she asked me if I could take her next time and leave him home!). I also later heard him telling his mother that he likes my husband as they do all kinds of  fun things together like skating, making fires, playing games, and watching movies. It made me so happy that he feels he has someone to do some boy stuff with as it seemed he really needed this. He also told us that when he is 9 his mom will let him watch Jaws and he would like to watch it with my husband. My husband was touched as he knows my nephew has been eager to watch this movie for years!


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