Log cabin luxury…

View from my Juliet balcony.

View from my Juliet balcony.

Last night, our friends, my husband, and I finally arrived at our winter vacation log cabin rental…and it is fabulous! The photos on the website did not do it justice and it is exceeding our expectations in every way! The cabin is more like an executive home with grand ceilings, huge bedrooms, and everything guests may need and more. I am very impressed. A guest book shows that people from various parts of the world have visited and love this place (most in the summer, however, and a few at Christmas). I know I would definitely love to come back to see what it is like in the summer. A photo album depicts the building of the cabin and it is amazing to see how full logs actually come together to make up the beautiful walls. The decor is very complimentary and the whole over all feel of the place is cozy despite the size of the space.

Giant sheets of ice frozen to rocks along the mtn roads.

Giant sheets of ice frozen to rocks along the mtn roads.

We arrived late but I look forward to seeing our lake view (right now it is 6am as I woke up early so it is still dark and I cannot see). However, I can make out that it is white out there so it may be partially frozen and some snow has settled. All around, on the drive here, it was like a winter wonderland so I expect no less from this particular spot. I have been keeping an eye on the weather and last week it was negative 17 degrees Celsius!!! This week the expected low is always around negative four so that means it is warm enough to snow which is exactly what we are after on this holiday.

Last night, we were all tired, so threw together a meal. Now, for the next few days, I expect we will create some great meals and memories together.

** Will post some pictures on this post later. (Above pics posted Dec 8th, 2014)

Detour along a 4X4 trail.

Natural detour along a 4 x 4 trail for ATVs, snow-mobiling, or cross country skiing.


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