Staff appreciation….


One thing on my list this year is to treat my staff well and show them I appreciate them. Since Christmas is coming, I think now is the perfect time to take action on this item. I have not been a horrible boss. In fact, just today I took the time to compliment one staff member and let her know that she is doing well and her work has been noted and appreciated. She said it made her day. I have also organized a baby shower for one of our (not so productive but sweet) receptionists which she was really touched by.

I try to offer praise for tasks well done as well as be down to earth, friendly, and approachable so everyone can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with me. I think it is working as I have had our HR manager pull me aside and let me know she has heard good feedback from a few of my direct reports. I also work hard myself so no one can ever claim I am one of the managers that sit back and just watch others do the work. Despite all this, I still think it is important to ensure workers feel appreciated and that their manager notices their efforts.

So, what is the correct way to appropriately show appreciation? Naturally, the annual performance review is an ideal opportunity to offer praise and all that. I also use our professional development budget to help staff members with their career goals. However, at Christmastime, I think I will write them each a personal Christmas card (full of praise and all that!) as well as provide some sort of small gift. Maybe we will all go to lunch as well. I will have to think more about what else I can do after I do some searching on Google but, the main thing is that I am going to go out of my way to ensure each member of my team feels at least a little bit warm and fuzzy this season!


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