November update…


For the last few days I have found it a struggle to post anything. Not much has been going on. In fact, most of this month my focus has been on work and just basic survival and errands. I do not like to write too much about work so will not. But, it has actually been pretty good at work with a lot going on and a lot to keep me interested. That is always good. The only problem is that I know I may be overwhelmed in January but we will deal with that then.

In my free time I have been reading, watching tv, and spending quite a bit of time with my mother. One Sunday she and I went to visit her sister, my aunt. Another time I spent most of the day with her and helped her clean up the house in anticipation of my sister (and her family) coming for a visit. We also went to the mall together once. Today, she gave me a call and let me know she would be making my favourite dish for dinner so I am sure my husband I will head over there tonight. If that is a way to lure me into visiting, it will always work!

The only somewhat interesting thing I did was use my coupon to try out a real life mystery game with some friends. Basically, a company started locally that is giving people a chance to be in a set of rooms which is designed to be like a slice of a scary scenario in which the individuals have to solve clues and exit the rooms in a limited period of time. The selection we made, unfortunately, was very difficult with only 1% of people able to solve the puzzle but it was still interesting and fun. We did make some progress so that was good! If it is ever on sale again, I would give it a go but choose an easier game!


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