Appreciation re-realized…

A message to myself on my self created long long weekend.

A message to myself on my self created long long weekend.

It is Friday and I have the next four days off. How nice is that? I plan on taking it easy and doing absolutely anything I want. One thing I will certainly do is read and find happy things to do.

Lately, I had been feeling a bit discontent with my job and found myself just wanting to stay home. Nothing in particular has set this off-it is probably my November blues kicking in or occasional restless thoughts that always come up here and there-but this time I even sent my resume off once I saw an interesting posting. This is not something I usually do unless the posting is exciting or a major career jump. In this case, it is mostly the latter. Who knows what will happen? We will see in the next few weeks.

If I did get this job, I would be a fool to refuse it but thinking about leaving my current job makes me a bit sad as well. So, this experience has made me appreciate my workplace and position more. I am lucky, after all, to have a great boss, a great work environment, interesting work, freedom to take on initiatives I want, and much more. So, after this long weekend I booked off just to treat myself, I plan on returning to work next Wednesday with renewed energy and appreciation. All will fall into place as it should.


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