November health and well being challenge…


My recent September health and well being challenge was a success. Thus, I have decided to give it another go for this month. Since November is a miserable month for me, I am hoping this will help me ensure it is productive. So, I will include a lot more mental well being items this time around. Here are some challenges for myself for this month:

  • Watch what I eat and how much. Increase the amount of healthy foods and reduce the not so healthy.
  • Eat breakfast! Do not eat after 9pm.
  • Do a weekly check in which includes a weigh in to monitor my progress over the month. Am thinking every Saturday morning. An indicator of success will be seeing some weight loss this month. Ideally, 5lbs would be great. (Also, I gained back 2 lbs out of the 7 I lost in September but what can I say, there was Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Diwali in October along with all kinds of going out to restaurants, drinking, and socializing¬†that month. Am not going to feel bad about it).
  • Fit in more activity each week. This will be a tough one if this extreme rainy weather streak keeps up but I guess I will just have to toughen up if it does not. The increasingly dark evenings also make it a pain.
  • Go swimming or skating this month. This should be fun!
  • Get my vision checked. I already have my cute new eyeglass frames picked out but have been too lazy to actually make an appointment.
  • Keep up my drinkable vitamins most days of the week. I wonder if this makes a difference or not but it cannot hurt.
  • Increase protein intake somehow.
  • Drink more water.
  • Make sure to actually take vacation days instead of booking them off but then going in to work anyways.
  • Get organized at work to reduce stress/feelings of being overwhelmed. Make my work-space better/more pleasant.
  • Do one nice thing for myself.
  • Donate to a charity/do a good deed.
  • Practice gratitude/find happiness in the small things.
  • Get a haircut. My last one was in June so I am well overdue but am sure this will be a nice morale boost.

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