The end of daylight savings..


I slept A LOT last night. I am not sure why but I slept and slept and slept. I had great dreams, though. When I woke up the clocks had gone back an hour already. We only have one clock we actually have to manually turn back. This makes it seem more real-otherwise you just lose the hour in your sleep. Well, at least we should now have more daylight for the rest of the winter-thank goodness! I think that is always a good thing.

Since I woke up late, I have been just hanging around. Yesterday my husband and I worked together to do a major house clean up. We lifted the bed, cleaned under the fridge and stove, washed the curtains/blinds, and scrubbed everything down. All the dust is gone. The Halloween decorations have been put away and everything is in order again. We tired ourselves out and spend the evening catching up on The Walking Dead episodes since the new season has started. A great show to watch.

Today, he went off with his friends to purchase winter tires or chains for our Jeep (necessary when we go to our log cabin next month) and I have been wasting time online, watching episodes of Shark Tank and Dragons Den, and throwing together a simple veggie pizza for myself so I do not starve or have to cook something real. The laziness and being shut in all day is getting to me so I think I will take a walk to a coffee shop that is a few kilometers away so I get some exercise. Once there, I can have a cappuccino and read my novel for an hour or so. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house! This is one of those days.


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