November 2014: Things to look forward to…


My least favourite month is here tomorrow. I will need a lot to look forward to and to do in order to make sure the month passes quickly and painlessly. Here are a few things I can enjoy:

  • I was supposed to take a few extra days off in October but did not as it was very busy. Am going to look at my calendar and take off a few random days here and there-probably Wednesdays! This should make work weeks fly-and give me some extra time with my husband as he is often off on Wednesdays.
  • Near the end of the month my sister and her kids will arrive for a visit! Hanging with little ones is always fun.
  • Countdown to the winter cabin vacation! Seems reasonable to count down now that we are about a month out.
  • November health and well being challenge 2. A perfect month to work hard so there will be no guilt in December.
  • I purchased some discount tickets for a live mystery adventure session. It is kind of like dinner theatre without the dinner or maybe even like live action role play in some kind of controlled fake scenario. Ha ha ha. I have no idea but my friend tried it and recommended it. Will be something new, at least, and I look forward to it.

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