A surprise for the spouse…


One thing I wanted to do this year is surprise my husband with something. This was just a random thing I put on my list of 32 but earlier today I was enjoying my Sunday by browsing through some Groupon deals when inspiration struck. One such deal is a silly deal for a customized bobble head figure. I immediately thought that this would be a fun gift for my husband but not something I would pay hundreds of dollars for! The Groupon, however, made it a fun and affordable thing to try so I went ahead and purchased it.

Once it was purchased, I had to go over to the business website and pick out a base for the figure. I immediately thought of a James Bond tuxedo but when looking at the samples decided to go with something that suited my husband more. Once this base for the body was selected, I then had to choose the eye and hair colour for the figure. I did so. Then I uploaded 2-3 sample photos of the subject (husband) so that the sculptor can catch any details and start the customization.

Finally, I had to select any text I wanted to put on the base that the figure stands on (often the name of who the figure represents) along with any special instructions. Mine were to please create the figure to look as cute as my husband is in real life! Ha ha ha. Then I entered in the Groupon code which gave me a huge discount compared to what I would have had to pay regularly, paid for shipping, and expect a proof for approval in the next while. The site says that after approval, it should take 4-6 or more weeks to ship. Due to this timing, I think I will make this a fun surprise Christmas gift. I would wait for his birthday but do not think I can hold out until February! Am dying to see the look on his face when he realizes HE is the figure!!! I think he will get a kick out of it and will definitely be surprised.


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