Being responsible…


Being responsible can really suck but it can also give you a sense of accomplishment. This last while I finally started tackling some of the responsible grown up things on my to do list rather than avoiding them. For example, at tax time earlier this year I was surprised that I had been reassessed due to a mistake a previous job made and now owed back taxes. To make matters worse, my current job was not taking off enough taxes so I also owed for that as well! In total, instead of a nice return, I got a bill for a few thousand. I have ignored this fact since hearing this bad news and have not yet been harassed by the gov’t so did not mind ignoring it. In the last while, however, a little voice in my head has been nagging me that this will all catch up to me. So, I finally obtained the total new balance (they charge a small interest rate after all) and made a payment towards these taxes. I plan to do so every other month so I will not get into big trouble in April.

The next responsible thing I have done is go to the dentist. I, like most others, hate the dentist and have avoided it for years at a time . Luckily, it has not been a big issue in terms of my overall dental health since I must have good dental genetics or something else that has helped me (drinking milk, perhaps?). The last time I went was in June 2013. I was supposed to go again by December 2013 but I put it off. 2014 came and I told myself I would aim for spring. I even forced my husband to go in spring since western dentists are new to him and he had a lot of work done and I knew he would benefit from more regular check ins. Summer came by as did the September Health and Well Being Challenge and still I did not go…but I did book it for October. Well, the other day the appointment came and I was tempted to cancel but forced myself to go. I am glad I did-despite the inconvenience and unpleasantness-as it assured me that all is well with my teeth and that they have even improved a bit in some areas (not the teeth themselves but I guess the gum-line or whatever). It has also motivated me to try to floss more regularly again. I was on it for a bit but the zeal wore off!

My other responsible deed these last few months has been really focusing on bringing down my debt. My husband and I did rack up quite a bit after I left his country, when we dated long distance, when we got married, and through his first year as an immigrant when he could not hold down a decent job. I avoided dealing with this as something kept coming up but things are much more stable now so I have been chipping away at it. Finally, we have breathing room. Once my car is paid off early spring, I am certain it will move along much faster.

Finally, I am taking better care of myself. No one else will do it for me so, despite it being hard at times, it has felt great.


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