Windy wind-down weather…


After a work week of rain, this weekend was just gorgeous. Today, especially, was wonderful. It was warm enough that I sat outside in an old hooded hockey sweatshirt (I think it is my brother’s… or maybe something someone gave my husband for Christmas a few years ago) with a cup of scalding hot orange pekoe tea with sugar and milk. Around me the wind would pick up at times blowing around all the multi-coloured leaves that had already fallen and making the trees and their leaves that are still on the trees make loud music and dance and sway. The wind would push the white and grey clouds all over the sky which was fun to watch-how fast they can move! It was great.

I sat in the sometimes sun and sometimes cloud-depending on if the clouds were blown in front of the sun or not just that minute- and flipped leisurely through old magazines. I love looking through, not fashion magazines, but house and home magazines, Oprah and Martha Stewart magazines, Good Housekeeping which is full of all kinds of things, and vegetarian cooking magazines. I enjoy seeing all the things that probably bring a lot of delight and beauty to home, life, or an occasion but that I would never bother to do…and a few things I may just give a try. The pages would try to flip here and there in the wind once in a while but I found a way to manage. The hour or two I spent doing this was the most relaxing,stress free, and wonderful part of my weekend. Pure pleasure.

Now it is night and I can hear the rain pouring down-just in time for the work week to start.


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