Apple caramel cake with walnuts…

Fresh from the oven! The scent is delicious.

Fresh from the oven! The scent is delicious.

Apple caramel cake with walnuts is a perfect cake to bake for this time of year! Why am I making so random a statement? Well, my workplace is hosting a series of once a week bake sales later in October and through most of November to raise some much needed funds.

I am expected to contribute to these sales…since they were my genius idea. Not sure why I come up with these silly ideas that I then have to participate in…but quite a few people loved the idea and are looking forward to enjoying some homemade treats each week. I am sure there is also a handful of show-offs who will really enjoy these sales. As mentioned above, autumn is the perfect time to make an apple cake so I am pretty sure this is one of the items I will add in for my days.

When I last baked this, I would take a piece to work to enjoy with my coffee-and it was delicious and not too heavy. I like swirling the caramel in it rather than add it on top as I am not a big fan of the gooey-ness. I think it is an item that will appeal to various employees. The only way to find out will be to see how it sells. After this one, I look forward to making one or two other items. If nothing else, these bake sales will raise some funds and give me an excuse to bake some exciting things (which I usually enjoy) without having to eat the whole thing myself!


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