The end of the extra long weekend…


For the last 4 days, I have been enjoying my super long weekend. Now, it is Monday night and I have to get back to work tomorrow. I wish I had another day…not because I am dreading my work, but because it just did not feel like enough time!

Friday I stayed home and enjoyed doing WHATEVER I wanted. This included flipping through magazines, reading the blogs of other people, buying a nice cake platter, and catching up on tv shows. Saturday I had to run around taking care of errands. My friend who had a baby last year was putting together a birthday party for her sweet little one that afternoon. The people at the toy stored helped me pick a decent gift. Then my husband and I went to the party for a bit and enjoyed catching up with a few friends. Finally, for the evening, I joined my sister and a few lady friends for a walk through a (not so great and not so well done) disappointing haunted house before sitting down for a nice dinner out and catching up. I have to say, there is nothing better than long chats with women.

On Sunday my mom finally came back from her long trip so my husband and I planned a family dinner at her place-and he and I did all the cooking and cleaning. Not everyone could come due to the short notice but we had a great time with those who could! On the menu for the evening was veggie lasagna, Georgian summer salad, garlic bread, and roasted potatoes. I also went out of my way to make a special Italian Cream Cake from scratch for dessert. So delicious! After that, we watched movies in the living room until late. Always so great when it is dark and stormy outside.

Today, our final long weekend day, we enjoyed mom’s cooking for lunch and spent most of the rest of day at our home relaxing as the rain poured outside. It was wonderful to have some extra time off these last 4 days and I look forward to some upcoming random days off in a few weeks!


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