Daily vitamins…


Last month I made a few small changes for my personal health and well being. The good thing is that these are all good healthy changes and I lost some weight along with them. However, I know it is not all about weight loss and that I have many improvements to make if I plan to look at my over all health.

So, this weekend, since the autumn and winter weather is on its way, I finally went to get the tires on my car changed. They were the original ones from when I first purchased my car and have lasted almost 5 years! The new tires I expected to cost A LOT but with installation, a warranty, disposal of the old ones, environmental fees, and all that the total was only around $450-way less than I expected which was a nice surprise. At the tire shop, we had to wait for at least two hours. To kill some time, we had a nice lunch out and then I dragged the husband with me to the vitamin shop.

miracle2000I am certain I am not getting all the nutrients I need from my current diet so I decided to look for a good daily multivitamin. My goal is to take better care of myself and a small change like adding a multivitamin is an easy one. Also, I assume since I currently take nothing in addition to my usual food, it will only help and I am likely to see some improvements.

The ladies in the shop had recommendations but I told them I hate the large pills that one has to swallow and asked for a gummy like vitamin that I have sampled from my brother’s jar once-it was good and easy! They let me know that absorption is terrible with those and it is better to take on a liquid version. I recall reading this once as well. They had three and I picked the one that was the most effective and, according to them, the worst tasting. It is called Miracle 2000. It is not that bad, actually, especially since it is recommended to mix it up with some juice. I have taken it a few times so far-straight and with the juice and with the juice is definitely better and less hard on one’s stomach. They say it should take a few weeks before you notice improvements. We will see!

bcomplexcoconutI also mentioned to the ladies I have some weight loss plans for this year and that I am worried about my hair falling out as I have noticed this in the past. They recommend a lot of protein which I will try to get from food at this point, iron and zinc which is in the Miracle 2000 at 33 and 100% amounts, and an additional B-vitamin combo that is for hair, nails, etc. One lady had used it herself and was very impressed with the result. I purchased this last one and it is a tablet that tastes like coconut and dissolves on one’s tongue. Does not taste too bad at first but it is best to swallow it half dissolved before it starts tasting bad!

I am certain it will not be difficult to incorporate these daily vitamins into my day. Since I do nothing other than get nutrients from the food I eat, I assume I will see improvement in the next few weeks. It cannot hurt to give it a try. Next goal? After years, finally going to the optometrist after years of not making time for it.


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