October 2014: Things to look forward to…


October is one of my favourite months! The change in the air and the changing colour of leaves makes me very happy. There is also plenty to look forward to:

  • Changing weather and changing leaves (as mentioned above!)-will be sure to snap some pics of the beautiful transition.
  • Canadian Thanksgiving/American Columbus Day…also equals a long weekend! I have taken an additional day off to make it an extra long weekend.
  • Diwali-The Indian festival of lights will be on October 23rd this year. Will be doing my best to welcome the goddess Lakshmi in as usual.
  • Halloween!-My favourite holiday and full of fun…including house decoration time, haunted houses, and candy!
  • Maintaining my September health and well being progress so I can pick it up and make more progress in November-but am going to take it a bit easy in October.
  • Parents returning from their international trip…looking forward to all the good company & stories, mom’s cooking, and maybe even a gift or two!
  • Spending some quality time with the family at above mentioned events.
  • Autumn clothing and cooking (hello, soups!).
  • A busy month at work which I like plus a few fun work events…and a chance to get creative.
  • The return of good tv shows…technically this often is in September but I did not have time to watch them.
  • The smell in the air.
  • The switch from our light summer blankets to heavy down winter blankets.
  • My best friend’s birthday. A chance to get some one to one time with her.

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