Final September 2014 check in!


Results2014SeptemberChallengeThis is the last and final check in for my September health and well being challenge. Rather than reviewing what I did the last 6 days (which is more or less the same as what I did the other days!) I am going to review how the over all month went. Here is the summary:

  • Did do regular check ins on here to monitor progress.
  • Did meet with my doctor and made an appointment with the dentist for October.
  • Did NOT go swimming or skating but will have to do so next time.
  • Did choose my charity walk and will slowly train for it. Already started going for walks at least.
  • Did eat better and lighter and less!
  • Did become more active.
  • Did some reflecting on the good things in life for my mental well being but did NOT take a day off as I was supposed to.
  • Did lose some weight which is an indicator of success!

This challenge was a great step in the right direction for me and was relatively easy to stick to. I have almost rid of half my desired annual weightloss in just a month! The most important thing is that I built up some good habits which I plan to keep up in October. When November comes, I plan to challenge myself once again!


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  1. Well done you! I’m finding it difficult to lose weight, about three years ago I lost 33lbs and this Summer I realised I’d put back 15lbs! Start again and I’ve got 10lbs to go until I’m back to a comfortable weight, it’s hard though! Good luck!

    • Thank you! 8 more pounds to go. Yes, it is very difficult but worth the effort in the end. I think we all go up and down over the years so it is good to keep an eye on the scale every once in a while. Good luck with those 10lbs. Those last ones are the most challenging but am sure you can do it.

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