Fall fun…

Snapshot of the maze path.

Snapshot of the maze paths.

Yesterday was a gorgeous autumn day! I decided to take advantage of the wonderful weather and drag my husband along with some other friends to the local corn maze and pumpkin patch. If one has never tried this activity before, I have to say that I strongly recommend it-just try to not to think of the horror film Jeepers Creepers as you walk through!

This particular corn maze is huge and complex. Each year there is a new theme and design. Did you know that the corn is planted in the design rather than the design being cut out of the corn once fully grown? Makes sense! The corn is also usually cattle corn and not meant to be eaten.

Along the way, at this particular corn maze, there were special signposts that provide little clues as to which direction you need to turn towards. We all need a little help, after all. To get the clue you have to answer one of three questions.

A sample of pumpkins for sale!

A sample of pumpkins for sale!

For example, one asked: Which country has the largest landmass in the world: A). Canada (turn left) B). China (turn right) C). Russia (turn right) D). USA. (turn left). We chose Russia, of course, and went towards the right. Just in case one is not a geography expert, there are a few other sets of questions on various topics to chose from.

The maze went on and on and finally we made our way out…but not before hitting a few dead ends and doing some backtracking. In total, it took us about 40 minutes to get through but the typical time is an hour. There were also some short simple mazes for those not interested in going too far into the field or for those with young children.

After that, we wandered about the farm and visited the pumpkin patch which is accessed by taking a hay ride through the farm. Luckily, no one had any allergies. All sorts of pumpkins can be found for purchase in a variety of colours and shapes. My favourite are always the traditional orange round ones. Future jack’o’lanterns! Since it is still September, we decided to hold off on purchasing one but did learn fun facts about pumpkins such as they were once considered a cure for freckles and that they are a fruit made up of 90% water.

Our afternoon out was the perfect way to get into the autumn spirit. I think I am finally over the loss of summer and looking forward to my favourite season.


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