A walk in the woods…

Trail that winds up to the top!

Trail that winds up to the top!

Earlier this week I rounded up a few friends and we went for a hike in the forest. The hike was not very challenging (from 20 meters at the start to 300 meters in altitude over the course of it) but it was great to get outside and enjoy the last of the nice weather while it lasts. One also has to make time to appreciate the beauty of this wonderful country we live in!

This particular trail winds upwards for about 2.5 km through a dense mossy forest and has some interesting informational signage along the way about the flora and fauna to entertain hikers as well as provide a nice break. The view from the top, which gets a bit more challenging, includes a beautiful lake-view which is always a plus. I was sure to bring along a few light snacks to enjoy at the top since it can seem so anticlimactic up there when all you do is turn around again. One of our friends had a hard time getting all the way up so I also wanted to make sure it was worth it for her.

So, at the top, we sat down in a nice flat clearing where I opened up my backpack that husband insisted on carrying and we had some cheese, fresh bread, strawberries, and nuts (shells can be left behind!). I brought along a little bottle of sparkling wine just to provide that celebratory feeling and so we could make a toast (so Georgian!). Anyways, after sitting for a spell and enjoying a chat, we made our way down. This, I find, is the worst part of such treks as it is mostly downhill and very easy as well as due to the fact we already saw all there was to see on the way up (for the most part).

Regardless, I have to say that I enjoyed it (as did my husband who said he wants a more challenging trail next time) so I will be sure to get outside before it gets too cold and rainy and do it again. It is always nice to also reconnect with nature.


View from the top…You can hear the people on their boats on the lake if they are calling to each other.


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