Check in # 4…


After today, I will only have one more check in left for my September Health and Well Being Challenge. Here is what I have been up to for the last 6 days:

  • Sept 19-Keeping on track.
  • Sept 20-Went for a walk and everything I ate I made from scratch.
  • Sept 21-This day was full of physical activity. 3 hour hike completed which was actually not too difficult so I am ready to try it again.
  • Sept 22-Left work early today and it felt great. Feeling happy is important for stress relief.
  • Sept 23-Did not do well this day! Broke all the good habits.
  • Sept 24-Back on track.

This session was not the most productive but I think I have developed several key habits such as eating breakfast, smaller portions, and eating homemade food more often. One last check in to go!


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