I appreciate my husband because…


My husband is someone who is very different from me. We are quite the opposite in many ways but at the same time, we have many shared values and beliefs and a very strong bond which surprised me at first. Sometimes he can be frustrating. He does many annoying things. We fight and disagree. However, there are also so many things to appreciate about him.

One day we were watching a television show in which a woman could not describe positive things about herself. It took her a long time to come up with just 3 things. Her low self confidence was quite sad and we wondered if she had anyone to help uplift her when she was down. We know we do this for each other. We then talked about some of the positive things we noticed in one another. That was nice but I want to write this post to describe all these things that I appreciate about my husband.

  1. Kindness. I have seen my husband be very kind at times. To strangers, the elderly, animals, children, broken-hearted sisters, and friends. It has moved me.
  2. Generous. My husband is more generous than I am in many ways. He will share everything he has without a thought. I noticed this about many Georgians who will provide a feast for a guest, for example, when they have nothing to spare. Sometimes I thought it was foolish-especially when they really did suffer due to it. Other times, it is amazing… their generosity and hospitality .
  3. Handy. My husband has all kinds of random life skills. I always say to him that should The Walking Dead scenario actually come to pass, I have no doubt he will be a survivor…and hopefully me due to him!
  4. Open. For a Georgian especially, my husband is quite open minded. This definitely attracted me to him in the first place.
  5. Romantic. He is definitely the romantic one out of us and at first I thought it was a bit silly but it is something I have come to greatly appreciate and admire. In fact, he even inspires me to be romantic.
  6. Handsome. What can I say? Being a super cute fellow helped our relationship move along faster initially. However, even now I sometimes look at him and think What a cutie!
  7. Risk taker. This can sometimes annoy me but over all I love his adventurous spirit. If he was not willing to take a risk and move with me to North America, we never would have been married.
  8. Joi de vivre! This quality was very apparent when we were dating in his country. Partly, this is due to the fact the culture allows it more there. I love how every day life can be fun with him.
  9. Family values. It is great to be with someone who understands why I feel certain ways and do certain things with/for my family. I love he cares deeply for his own family and will always look out for them. It also reassures me he will do the same for me.
  10. A good cook. This is a fabulous plus! He also is willing to learn new things with me.
  11. Clever. He has all kinds of unique out of the box ideas. I feel that between us we can handle just about anything that comes up. He also catches on fast and is motivated.
  12. Great dancer. I find this super cute.
  13. Sensitive. He will cry during sad movies. He understands if someone has hurt feelings. When I have been embarrassed by something in front of him he deals with the situation in a way to ensure I am no longer embarrassed.
  14. Loves me in a way I never imagined possible. I guess I never thought of it much but I was a bit taken aback by how wholly my husband loves me. He is clearly in all the way and it amazes me at times his devotion and dedication.
  15. Funny. We both have different ideas about a lot of things but always can make each other laugh.
  16. Cuddly. No more needs to be said…someone who loves to cuddle is a keeper.
  17. Keeps Coke Zero in the fridge at all times. I HATE it when I want a cold can or bottle of Coke Zero and there is none to be found. He has noticed and will always make sure there is one around for me.
  18. Understanding. He is able to understand and empathize with me and others.
  19. Supportive. He supports my goals, plans, and dreams.
  20. Fun. Whether we are sitting at home, doing laundry, going on vacation, or working on something…we always have fun together.

So, there you have it.. a few things I just love about my husband. I will have to read this during our next argument!


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