Check in # 3….


This check in indicates that I am more than 50% finished my health and well being challenge month. It has not been too difficult as I have only  made some small changes…that seem to be working. Because of this, I will take a break in October and then challenge myself again in November. Here is what I have been up to:

  • Sept 13-Was active today with lots of walking and running around.
  • Sept 14-Felt a bit ill today so was not very active. I left a message for my dentist so I can at least get an appointment booked.
  • Sept 15-Ate light and/or healthy today. Went grocery shopping and bought lots of fruits and veggies. Husband made a delicious salad. I made him promise to make it twice a week.
  • Sept 16-Worked very late but did not eat out!
  • Sept 17-Same as above.
  • Sept 18-Dental appointment confirmed! Worked regular hours and ate properly.

I also did my weigh in and have lost one more pound. Not as successful as the past two check ins but I knew it was too easy those times! This is more realistic. Look forward to the next check in.


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