Family time…


Yesterday, I spent a lot of time at my parent’s house. Soon, both my folks are off on a long holiday this week in order to attend two family weddings overseas. Unfortunately, I cannot attend due to financial and work reasons. So, this weekend I went over to spend some time with them before their trip. One of my sisters was there as well so that was a bonus. When I got there, both my parents were out doing some shopping in order to prep for their trip so I suggested my sister and I get active and go for a walk. In the last 2 years she has gained some weight and is concerned about it so I thought she would be in to it. Instead, she suggested we go for a walk….in the mall.

It was super hot out so I agreed as the air conditioning would be nice. We did a cruise about the mall. I found some great new eyeglass frames that I liked. I took down the model number and will order them when I get my next eye exam. It has been at least 5 years! Will have to drag my husband along as I am sure he has never been tested. His eyesight is pretty good but the doctor checks general eye health as well and that is important. Another thing to add to my health and wellness list!

Then we decided to get her hair cut as it has been awhile and she desperately needed an update. We went into a salon that a friend of our brother’s owned and got this taken care of. By this time we were famished so went for burritos! We had a nice chat at the restaurant about our lives and goals and, while there, got a call from our sister in Florida. We caught up with her and went back to my parent’s house. I took our sweet dog for two walk/runs and felt great afterwards. My lazy sister would not join us. I read my novel a bit as well and then my parents came home finally and we all spent some time together chatting. My sister ordered some pizza and we all enjoyed it together. There is often a lot of turmoil in my parent’s home with lots of people coming and going but this day was all peace (perhaps because the trouble making siblings were not around?). It felt nice and totally relaxing.

My sister and I then watched a movie while the folks turned in. My night ended with me joining my husband, who was out with his friends for the day, at a bar and grill with these friends. We visited with a pair of them at their home afterwards and I finally got home late. A great Saturday. I truly enjoy good times with my family.


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