Check in #2…


Another 6 days has gone by and it is time for the health and well being check in-number 2. Overall, I would say things went well. This exercise has definitely made me more conscious of the fact that I can always stop, think, and choose the better and healthier option. Here are some highlights:

  • Sept 7th-Was not the best day for health & well being but I did manage to go for a walk around a flea market in the morning with my husband. In the evening we hosted a bbq and I made sure to eat lots of salad and skip dessert. Bad things were having too many glasses of wine but I am not worried about this as usually I only have one or two.
  • Sept 8th-Monday again! Due to yesterday’s bbq, I had no time to plan ahead for lunch at work but I made sure to grab a banana for breakfast on the drive to work and I grabbed a can of soup to prepare for lunch. This kept me from eating out and made sure I had small portions to enjoy. In the evening, I got to cooking so I would have good food for the next day or two. Also fit in a brisk 20 minute walk.
  • Sept 9th-Benefited from my cooking yesterday by having a nice breakfast and lunch today. At dinner, we went out to a restaurant and I made sure only to eat half my meal and pack the rest to go. Restaurant portions are usually too big.
  • Sept 10th-A busy day. Still enjoying home-cooked food and smaller portions. Drinking lots of water at work.
  • Sept 11th-I had to do an extra long shift of ten hours at work this day. I made sure to bring enough snacks and food from home to make sure I did not eat out.
  • Sept 12-I was bad and had some fast food today but I made sure to have a reduced portion (compared to what I would normally have). Good news is that I have decided which charity run/walk I want to do and it will be in May 2015. Before then, I will have to do some training to be able to run the whole 5km. Now, I know it is not a long distance but it is for someone who has not been a runner for years.

I also did my weigh in today (the 12th) as required and I have lost another 2 lbs! This time I know it is real due to the fact I weighed myself first thing in the morning as I did last time which helps control for fluctuations such as recent meals, water weight etc. That is great news but losing the weight so easily is making me realize I have had bad habits and been in poor shape for the last 2 years. Also, I want to be careful to make sure I am not making too many rapid changes as that tends to make me lose my hair! (This is horrible and I do not want this to happen-I already had to deal with this when I had an iron deficiency issue. It seems to be my body’s reaction to changes). My primary goal is not weight loss but general health and well being, after all, and my total goal for the year is 15 lbs which I would be happy with so no need to rush or suffer. I just want to make slow and consistent life style changes. Anyway, that is my check in. 3 more to go!

September check ins weight loss progress chart compared to my annual June 2014-June 2015 long term goal.

September check ins weight loss progress chart compared to my annual June 2014-June 2015 long term goal. Just to keep focused on one of my longer term goals. 


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