September Mondays and planning a getaway…


Mondays in September are difficult. The sun is still shining and it is tempting to ditch work every single Monday to enjoy this weather goodness while it lasts. I have a hard time focusing on Mondays in September because the weekends always feel so long and relaxing. By Tuesday, I am ready to work and catch up on hours I missed for coming in late or leaving early on Mondays (something I did today).

All summer, I have not been working from home during evenings or weekends like I used to and it has been great. Instead, I go to work a little earlier or stay a little later to catch up on things. It has been great to feel so unplugged from work when I get home for these last few months. I think it is something I will need to keep up this autumn. Of course, when trapped inside, I almost do not mind doing some work and building up some flex time. We will see.

Cute log the summer!

Cute log cabin…in the summer!

Another time I feel very unplugged is on vacation. Our next vacation dates are now official as we have all (spouse and friends) been approved for the time off. As I mentioned in a previous post, my husband gets to choose our trip this time around and he has chosen a winter log cabin trip. Although I was not thrilled at first, I am getting excited for this trip as I have been the one to research locations, properties, and activities. Things I have come to realize that we need for sure are: properties with fireplaces, authentic log cabin feeling and look, bbq available, nice kitchens as we have to do all our own cooking, comfortable looking bedrooms, snow, and privacy as we want to be a bit remote.  Many cabins are quite small so another challenge is finding one that has 3 private bedrooms rather than a loft filled with beds to cram in as many people as possible.

So far, we have tried to book two and both were unsuccessful as, by the time we all had a look, someone else had booked one and the other is occupied all winter due to a guest of the owner renovating her home. We have our eye on two more and should be able to confirm and book this week. Once all that is taken care of, I can start planning activities, excursions, as well as all the fun we will have right there on site. It is always nice to have something like this to look forward to but I have to remind my very excited husband, there is still a lot of enjoy before then. Gotta remind myself of this too, lately!


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