Check In # 1 for September Health & Well Being Challenge…


Time to face the music and account for myself at this first check in. Each check in will be every 6 days for the month of September. My goal is to generally take care of health and wellness in various ways. So, here is what I have been up to:

  • Sept 1- It was a busy day but I made sure to take a short walk.
  • Sept 2- I obtained a scale and weighed myself! Horrible! I will not disclose the amount even though I want to be honest on this blog… but no one should have have to be THAT honest! Ha ha ha. But, now I know where I am at so I can monitor and track improvements. I also confessed my weight to my husband and filled my sister in on my improvement plan. The more people you tell, the more likely you are to follow through! I also made sure not to eat after 8 pm.
  • Sept 3-I made an effort to have breakfast which is one of the things on my list of 32 but also beneficial in this case. I packed a healthy and filling home cooked lunch for work (to avoid eating out), reduced the sugar and cream in my morning coffee at work, drank more water while there, had a light dinner at home, and took a brisk 20 minute walk.
  • Sept 4- All of the above minus the walk but plus shopping for groceries and only choosing healthy things.
  • Sept 5th-The above good practices. Biggest accomplishment was resisting eating out on a Friday!
  • Sept 6th-Went for a walk but also did a lot of active tasks today. Drank a lot of water and ate small portions.

Overall, a good start. What I have learned is that having breakfast is important, as well as bringing lunch from home for work, and not eating after 8 or late at night. I weighed myself the morning of the 6th (as the check in required) and have lost 2lbs! Now, before getting too excited, I think when I first weighed myself it was at the end of the day. I probably had water weight and other factors playing in. But, from now on, I will weigh myself the morning of the check in day to ensure accuracy. I look forward to seeing how the next 6 days go.


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