Books, books, books 2….


yesmydarlingdaughterI wrote a post way back in July 2012 called Books, Books, Books…. It was about the books I read around that time. Over the last two years that I have been writing this blog, I posted several such posts and always have a hard time naming them as they are literally always a list of recently read books so I decided to call this post Books, Books, Books 2. Ha ha ha. You can expect a third and fourth version at some point. The books below were all great summer reads-some recommended by others and some that I randomly picked up.

In the Face of Jinn by Cheryl Howard-This book is about two sisters who travel to India to purchase goods for their furniture and home decor business. On one trip, trouble ensues and one sister is lost/presumed dead while the other searches for her all over the region-including in Pakistan and Afghanistan and has many dangerous and troubling adventures. I found it all a bit ridiculous but I could see this novel being a bad movie that most of the world would find to be in poor taste. The author, to her credit, did take time to travel the region a decade or so ago to attempt to get some feeling of the region she was writing about.

Daniel by Henning Mankell- This book is about a young boy from the Kalahari desert who gets “adopted” by a Swedish man and taken back to Sweden. He struggles to understand the new country and his new father. Ultimately, he is abandoned by the gentleman and left to live on a lonely farm with a caring couple who do their best to understand the boy. Things do not go well…but a great read.

hbsecretThe House Girl by Tara Conklin-This book involves 2 parallel stories. One is about a house slave who works for an ailing woman who allowed her to paint. Another is about a lawyer in modern times who researches the aforementioned slave and woman as part of her first year as a lawyer. I enjoyed this novel.

The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud-This novel is about a single woman (a teacher) who becomes too connected to a family at her school. She gets involved with each of the three exotic family members in different ways. This book was interesting as I could connect the main character to others I know-and a version of myself that I may have been one day if my life had been different. I imagine many of the people I relate the novel to have shared some of the sentiments that this character has.

Yes, My Darling Daughter by Margaret Leory-This book is a great relaxing read. It is about a mother who struggles with her 4 year daughter and her difficult behaviour. The mother begins to suspect her daughter is difficult due to the fact she is remembering her past life! The first half takes place in London and does a great job reflecting everyday life and the struggle of being a single parent while the second half is in Ireland and feels like an adventure/mystery novel. An enjoyable book for a lazy (or sick!) day.

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty -This novel is primarily about 3 women in Australia. One woman’s husband has a deep dark secret that, once uncovered, impacts all three women’s lives. I have to say that I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I enjoyed thinking about family and relationships and how complicated they can be.


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