Copying mommy’s cooking…


For most people, there is nothing better than their mother’s cooking! In my case, this is true but if I had children, I think they would be horrified. I can make a random bunch of things-some decent and some not-but I have never been an expert at cooking my mother’s traditional ethnic recipes. Part of this is because my mother loves to be the provider of delicious hot Indian meals that we all scarf down like starved wolves and has never encouraged any of her children to learn. It gives her great satisfaction when we eat her food. My husband is a great admirer of her cuisine and she loves it when he has second and third portions-and packs some to go!

My latest final product...looking and tasting great!

My latest final product…looking and tasting great!

Well, for some time now, my husband has been complaining about the fact that I never make my family’s traditional Indian food and we always have to go to my mom’s place to enjoy a good fresh meal. She is not always home and is not our personal restaurant, after all. I ignored him for a few months-even when he mentioned he is jealous of the Indian origin co-workers’ lunches when he is in the staff kitchen at work-and then I started to realize that he is correct and that I really should learn to cook some dishes from my own culture. I know I will regret it if I never get the chance to learn, it is a great bonding experience to share with my mom, and,  unfortunately, she will not be here forever to pass on these cooking skills and part of our heritage to my own children. So, I called her up and she was delighted at my interest.

Later in the week, we got together and decided to learn a simple daal (sort of like a lentil stew) that is easy as one, two, three. We made it together and my husband even joined our lesson (he is a better cook than I am) so he could make it if he needed to. We then ate our fill. A short while later, I decided to surprise my husband and I recreated it and hid it in his lunch. When he came home, he told me his mouth was on FIRE his whole shift but he ate it anyways. I realized I had not adjusted the spices for a smaller portion. Since then, I have made it twice and it has turned out looking AND tasting normal! Success at last. Next lesson will be one of my favourite dishes: aloo mutter (literally potato peas). I am looking forward to mastering several of my mom’s dishes. Eventually, I hope to make a big Indian meal for the family!


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